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Achieving a healthy weight is priceless. We have established a weekly payment plan.  Achieve sustained weight loss. 


What You Get


Our weight loss coordinators will work with personal needs and encourage while on your journey to acheive a healthier weight.


A personalized diet plan is layed out for you. The Paleo diet is encouraged, but other dietary modifications designed to fit your needs.


Prescription medications for weight loss are used to augment a healthy lifestyle. Appetite suppressants such as Phentermine have a long history of safe use for losing weight. Other medications are considered as well, depending on the individual.


Weekly visits encourage ongoing compliance and accountability and therefore -- results!

Vitamin B12 with MIC Injections

Weekly Vitamin B12 injections along with some "fat burning" vitamins are used to augment diet and medication therapy -- essentially boosting weight loss.


Reno Weight Loss Clinic encourages community. Being part of a supportive community of like-minded people includes sharing your experience and getting "revenge" on the old you so that you can become a new, better version of yourself.  Go ahead -- share it with the world!

Let's Get Started

The sooner you begin your weight loss journey, the sooner you'll feel healthy, happy, and reach your goal weight.  Fill out the form below, or text to 775-204-0150 for an appointment.